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Best 2 in 1 laptops with Stylus For Artist & Painters (Pen Support)

best 2 in 1 laptop with stylus
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The stylus is not new, it is useful in designing, artistry, note-taking and painting works. Therefore if you are a professional graphic designer, architect, a painter or do such work as a hobby, then the laptop with the touchscreen and stylus is best for you to get the job done. Moreover, Stylus allows you to do your work more precisely.

If you are a graphic designer and have to check and make perfect corners of design the ordinary laptop may not be as useful as you think to design perfectly. The detachable laptops with touchscreen feature and the stylus will help you a lot to do this.

Best 2 in 1 laptop with stylus allows you to zoom on the spot are working on and with the pen support, you will be able to do work some as you’re designing or drawing something with your finger on the screen.

To work with the stylus you must have a high specs laptop with strong hardware such as fast processor because with the slow processor you won’t be able to do your work with such efficiency.

The stylus may not come along with the every touchscreen laptop you may have to order it separately with the laptop. Most of the companies may provide you along with the laptop without extra charges.

Best 2 in 1 Laptop with Stylus For Artists & Painters

Here are some of the laptops along with the stylus feature which will help you to do your task as per your desire.

Laptop modelWeightStorageScreen size
Microsoft Surface pro 63.5 lbs128 GB Flash Memory Solid State12.3"
Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 2.84 lbs512 GB SSD15"
Samsung Chrome book Plus V22.98 lbs64GBeMMC Flash storage12.2"
Microsoft Surface Book 2 2.38 lbs256 GB SSD with 16GB RAM15"
Asus 10.1 1.7 lbs4 GB RAM and 128 GB solid state flash memory10.1"
ASUS Zen-Book Flip3.3 lbs16 GB RAM and 512 GB Solid state flash memory14"
Acer spin 33.75 lbs16 GB RAM and 512 GB 14"

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Best Detachable 2 in 1 Laptop With Pen Support)

It doesn’t matter you are professional, student or a creator Microsoft surface pro 6 allows you to take your creation to the limit you want.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 allows you to work with a stylus, it needs a powerful processor to take your work to next level but with the low power processor, you won’t be able to do so.

Not every laptop comes with the stylus you may have to order separately with some of the models but with this model, you’ll get pen peripheral too.

CPU and Storage

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 with the 8th generation core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM enables you to do your daily task with ease and smoothness.

It comes in two different versions one is the 8th gen core i5 with 8GB RAM and 128 GB Flash memory and the other one is 8th gen corei7 with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of Flash memory.

It totally depends on your work and the budget limit to which your pocket allows you.


Microsoft surface pro 6 comes with the 12.3 inches of screen with the max resolution of 2736×1824 pixels.

Its screen can be separated from the keyboard and can also be used as a tablet with the stylus which helps you to draw or do pointed works more precisely.

The stylus pen comes along with this laptop and you don’t have to order it separately. Surface Pen writes and draws naturally, with precision ink on one end and a rubber eraser on the other.

Graphics card

It comes along with the integrated graphics card of Intel(R) UHD graphics 620(i5) which gives you the feature to view your work in a quality display.


As it comes in two different versions 8th Generation core i5 and core i7 with different specs so their price also differs. The more features you require, the more money you have to spend.

Core i58GB128GB SSD$687
Core i58GB256 GB SSD$842
Core i716GB512 GB $1,498.97
Core i716GB1TB$1,999.00
Weight and Battery

It is ultra-slim and light which starts at 1.7 pounds of weight. It has an all-day battery life of all most 13.5 hours of video playback.

  • Fast and responsive
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful battery
  • Bit Expensive, but performance worths it

Samsung Notebook 9 (Most Expensive Stylus Laptop)

Samsung has a prominent dominance in producing the smart gadgets and it also grabs the whole market to the full extent. Therefore, Samsung Notebook 9, which is infact 2 in 1 laptop with Stylus pen is quite popular because of its quality.

As we discussed that to work with the stylus pen you have to need the machine with the powerful processor, without the powerful processor the machine may struggle while working.

So, the Samsung Notebook 9 comes with the 8th generation core i7 processor and 16 GB of DDR 4 RAM which allows you to work smoothly.

CPU and Storage

Samsung Notebook 9 is empowered with the 8th Gen, core i7 processor at the processing speed of 4GHz with turbo boost along with the 16GB of DDR4 RAM makes it a superfast laptop to work on. Moreover, it has a capacity of 512 GB SSD storage.


It comes with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 and 15 inches wide touchscreen, S pen provides you hands-on control at 360 degrees rotating display.


In terms of graphics, it comes with Intel® UHD Graphics 620 graphics card.


It has a long battery life of approximately 14.5 hours.

Weight and Budget

Samsung Notebook 9 has a weight of 2.84 lbs and it costs you almost 1799 dollars.

  • Powerful battery
  • Superfast processor
  • High Quality processor
  • Full backlit keyboard
  • Gets extremely hot when used for long hours

Samsung Chrome book Plus V2 (Best Budget)

Samsung has its own dominance but along with the chrome OS this Samsung device become much more.

This 2 in 1 laptop gives you to stay top on your projects and along with all this allows you to enjoy Google’s services with the help of chrome OS.

It allows you to enjoy your work without slowing down with the powerful battery and core M processor.

Its S pen has the extra features you don’t only take notes, draw or sketch out the idea but you can use the pen to magnify and take screenshots too.

CPU and Storage

It comes with the Intel Celeron processor along with 4GB RAM and 64GBeMMC flash storage.

Screen and Graphics

If we talk about the screen Samsung Chromebook comes in 12.2 inches of a touch screen with the maximum resolution of 1900×1200 pixels.

It has an integrated graphics card of Intel HD Graphics 615.


Samsung Chromebook has the weight of almost 2.98 pounds that is not that much heavy. It is portable and easy to carry along.

And if we talk about some extra features which other Chromebooks usually don’t have. They are as follow:

Two cameras, unlimited views

This Samsung Chromebook has two cameras one on the front for video chat with clients, classmates and other people. The other one is the rarer camera facing the world, though you will be able to capture the things you with 13 MP autofocus camera.

Power of the Pen

The Samsung Chromebook has the S pen which doesn’t need charging you can take notes, draw sketches and even you can take screenshots with this too.

  • Powerful battery
  • Dual Cameras
  • Light Weight
  • Affordable
  • Small Storage

Microsoft Surface Book 2

If you are a graphic designer or a person with a creative mind and need some laptop to put your ideas into reality. Then you need some machine which can help you to do your work.

Microsoft has brought surface book 2 for such innovative and creative mindset peoples.

The Microsoft surface book 2 is best 2in1 laptop with some extra features and specifications. It can be converted into a tablet and can be operated by finger touch or with the stylus pen.

The Microsoft surface book2 has been in two different versions one with the 13.5 inches of touch screen and the other is in 15 inches with different specs.

CPU and Storage

If we talk about the Central processing unit of Microsoft surface book 2 it comes with the 8th Generation Intel® Core i7-8650U quad-core processor with the processing speed of 4.2 GHz.

Along with such a powerful processor it has 16 GB of SDRAM and 256 GB of SSD Storage with the memory speed of 1866 MHz.


Microsoft surface book2 comes in two different variants of screen one in 13.3 inches and the other one is 15 inches with the maximum resolution of 3260×2160.

It has a rotatable screen at the angle of 360 degrees by which the laptop can be converted into a tablet.


If you are a gamer or a graphic designer the graphics of the laptop matters a lot for such work.

This laptop won’t let you down with the graphics it has the dedicated 6GB graphics card of NVidia GeForce GTX 1060.

Which takes your gaming to the next level and allows you to do your daily task more precisely.


It has a long-lasting battery of 17 hours with the video playback.


This Microsoft surface has a weight of 2.38 pounds and will cost you about 1730 dollars.

  • Fastest Surface book yet
  • Powerful hardware
  • Long lasting battery
  • Incredible Graphics
  • Renewed no Drawback yet

ASUS 10.1” Transformer Mini T103HA-D4-GR

Asus mini is easy to carry along with anywhere you go because of its light weight and small screen of about 10.1 inches wide.

It has a slim keyboard with the 1.5mm key travel which helps you to type more comfortably and complete your task in no time.

The keyboard is slim but is not compromised on its performance and the other thing about the keyboard is that it is removable.

CPU and Storage      

It comes with the 1.92 GHz Atom Z8350 processor along with the 4GB of ram and 128 GB of Solid-state Flash memory.

Screen and Graphics

If we talk about the screen size it has a comparatively small screen than all other laptops in the list and because of its small screen, it is easy to carry with you. It has a screen size of 10.1 inches with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

In terms of graphics, it comes with the integrated graphics card of Intel Atom Quad Core x5-Z8350.


It has a battery life of almost 12 hours with video playback.


If we talk about the weight it is not that much heavy it has the weight of almost 1.7 lbs and it costs you approximately $350.

  • Light weight
  • Strong battery
  • Affordable
  • Comparetively small screen size

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ASUS Zen-Book Flip

Asus Zen-Book is the thinnest laptop in the category of 2 in 1 laptops. There is nothing ordinary about this Asus Zen-book.

As we know Asus brand is also known as a republic of gamers because of their powerful hardware laptops.

This laptop is best 2 in 1 laptop with powerful hardware specs and 360 degrees rotatable touchscreen.

CPU and Storage

This Asus Zen-book is powered by the 8th Gen Intel Core i7 quad-core processor with 4GHz of processing speed.

Along with such a fast processor it has 16 GB of DDR3 SDRAM which gives you an incredibly superfast system to work on.

It has 512 GB SSD of storage capacity.

Screen and Graphics

It comes with the 14 inches of the touchscreen which can be flipped at 360 degrees to use the laptop as a tablet.

Zen book has the maximum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and has the characteristic to deliver a clear image because of the nano edge display.

It has exclusive Asus eye care technology which allows you to work throughout the day without worrying about your eyes it will cause no harm to them.

Even though you are working out in the daylight it has the capability to adjust the picture contrast according to the light and show no reflection to you.

If we talk about its graphics it comes with the 2GB dedicated graphics card of Intel NVIDIA GeForce MX150.


In terms of battery, this Zen-Book has a battery life of approximately 13 hours.


Laptop with such high specs won’t be cheap obliviously it cost you about 1550 dollars that’s a fair price for such high spec laptop.


Weight of this laptop is about 3.3 lbs.

  • Powerful battery
  • Light Weight
  • Powerful processor
  • Fast and Responsive
  • No thunderbolt 3 port
  • Battery charges with proprietary adaptor instead of USB-C.

Acer Spin 3 Convertible

Acer spin 3 comes with high specs that can meet your requirements. It is thin but fully loaded with all the features that can be in the best 2 in 1 laptops.

It has the rechargeable S pen which is perfect for drawing and taking notes.

CPU and Storage

Acer Spin 3 comes with the 8th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor. Along with such a heavy performance processor it has 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage capacity.

Screen and Graphics

It has 14 inches of the touch screen with stylus supported. It has the maximum resolution of 1920X1080 Pixels.

If we talk about the graphics it comes with the integrated Graphics card of Intel UHD Graphics 620.

 Battery and weight

It has a battery life of almost 12 hours and the weight of this laptop is approximately about 3.75 pounds.


This Acer spin 3 costs you about 810 dollars

  • Powerful battery
  • Full HD touch screen
  • Powerful processor
  • Fast and Responsive
  • Awkward in Tablet mode
  • No USB-C.

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