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Best Keyboard For Writers 2023

Written by Ehsan Batt

We writers are known to be lost in our work.

Whether you are a journalist, playwriter, blogger or novelist, you probably do not like anything more than involving yourself more and more in brilliant words.

At least, it’s the dream!

And if you want to be as serious in your job, there are two things you should not forget: your poor hands!

Not all keyboards are created equal, and if you’re ready to work late at night and submit your fingertips to typing sessions, you’d better make sure your gear is up to the task.

Without further ado, here is the comparison of the best keyboards for writers in 2022.

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  1.  Best Ergonomic Writer Keyboard: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard
  2.  Best Gaming Keyboard for Writer:  Corsair K95 RGB
  3.  Best keyboard for mobile devices:  Logitech K780

What do writers need in a keyboard?

Serious writers need a good keyboard.

But what does it mean?

Let’s take stock of the question …


Nowadays, keyboards connect to your computer or laptop using two or three different methods. One is not necessarily superior to the others, it is actually what you prefer.

USB cable – These keyboards connect, as in the good old days, using a cable that connects to the USB port of your computer. The advantages here are that you will probably never have to worry about connectivity issues or failures, and the USB cable will also power the keyboard – meaning no batteries or solar power difficult to manage.

On another side? The cables are bulky and take up space on the desk. You may also have limited USB ports on your computer and you may not want to use one full-time on your keyboard.

Wireless USB – Keyboards with wireless USB receivers always plug into your USB port, they simply do not have a cable. Instead, a wireless signal is transmitted between the keyboard and the receiving dongle. The bright side? No tangled cables to manage.

Unfortunately, your keyboard may need a separate power source and you still do not have a USB port.

Bluetooth – Like any device today, the Bluetooth connection is an option and an attractive solution. No cables, no receiving dongles, nothing, just your keyboard that speaks directly to your computer on the air.

The downside here is that, as we all know, Bluetooth can sometimes have failures and connectivity issues at inappropriate times.


Just as modern keyboards have a number of connection options, power options can also be very diverse.

Hardwired keyboards are usually powered by the cable itself. Wireless keyboards can be powered by batteries or, more specifically, by solar energy.

That’s right, even the tiny light of your desk lamp or cracked curtain is usually enough to power modern keyboards without any problem.

Pretty cool, right?


Generally, most keyboards follow a general layout. AZERTY and all that.

But beyond that, each keyboard is different: it’s the Wild West when it comes to key spacing, keypad placement, key angles and more.

Ask yourself: Do you like the rather simple keyboards that come with computers and laptops, or do you prefer something a little out of the box or a little softer on the wrists?

Mechanical keyboards?

There are LOTS of different options when it comes to how the keys themselves feel, and I will not bore you with this stuff.

Essentially, modern keyboards are either mechanical (think old keyboards or typewriters with thicker keys that “slam” when pressed), or membrane, which are more flexible and make less noise.


Simple: Do you want your keys to turn on in the dark or you do not care?

For some people, it’s important. Others type by touch and do not care.

Alright, show me the best keyboards for writers in 2022!

Ready to see my best choices?

Let’s go!

If you like ergonomics, try the Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard

  • Touch Style: Membrane
  • Connection: Wireless USB
  • Power source: Lithium-ion batteries (included)
  • Backlight: No

Ergonomic keyboards are like pickles: either you like them or you hate them.

Personally, I have never been a big fan, but some people swear by the ergonomics of the ingenious layout. Ergonomic keyboards are like pickles: either you like them or you hate them.

Keyboards such as the Microsoft Sculpt bring your wrists closer to the so-called “neutral” position, which allows them to be much less stressed, especially when they reach the far outer keys.

The Sculpt also comes with a padded wrist rest, perfect for long writing sessions, and is manufactured by one of the best brands in the industry.

If you like this mechanical feel, try the Corsair K95 RGB keyboard

  • Key style: Mechanical
  • Connection: USB wired
  • Energy Source: None
  • Backlight: Yes

This mechanical gamer keyboard is very light and durable. In addition, unlike many keyboards on the market, it has a brushed aluminum frame, which adds to its durability.

You will also notice that each key on this keyboard is backlit, with a colored glow at the bottom. You can even adjust the color and brightness levels to find the color that’s right for you.

As this keyboard is optimized for the game, you will also find that every keystroke is recorded, which means that it can follow the fastest typists.

It is a wired USB keyboard, so it will connect. But at least you’ll never run out of juice when you need it the most.

A great option for owners of Laptop devices the Logitech K780

  • Touch Style: Membrane
  • Connection: USB or Bluetooth
  • Power source: AAA battery
  • Backlight: No

This Logitech keyboard is incredibly versatile. It is designed to work with your computer, tablet or smartphone, and can be connected via USB or via a Bluetooth connection.

There is no backlight, so you probably will not be able to easily use it in the dark. But, it is very simple to handle, comfortable and can work for two years with only two AAA batteries.

In addition, it has the distinction of being able to switch from one device to another simply by pressing a button. A great way to write in the field.

If you decide to use this keyboard with your tablet, there is integrated tablet support that will mimic that of a full-fledged laptop.

I am a professional writer! What is the keyboard that I use?

I use the Corsair K70 LUX RGB mechanical keyboard, which is a fantastic keyboard that I got to play a few games and write my articles.

It is not compatible Mac, but has an excellent silent strike and uses RGB lighting.

I strongly recommend you to consult it, but I have not recommended it above because I have appreciated some of the characteristics of the others that I have listed.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope it helped you!

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