11 Best Ergonomic Keyboards For Laptop & Mac To Buy 2023

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If you are a professional writer, editor, programmer or gamer and spend many hours on the keyboard every day, you probably suffered from wrist or forearm pain after typing for a long time. Give your body a well-deserved rest without sacrificing your productivity by investing in one of these ergonomic keyboards that will relieve the pressure of your sore joints.

What is the best ergonomic keyboard you can buy?

Choose the ergonomic keyboard to relieve wrist and forearm pain. Find the brands and models with the best value for money in the market.

Best Ergonomic Keyboards Reviews

Computer keyboards are available in all shapes and sizes but the best ergonomic keyboard will always reduce the tension in your hands, allow you to type faster and feel comfortable in the environment you prefer. From Bluetooth wireless keyboards to large gaming keyboards that have an elegant RGB LED, you have an exciting range of models to choose from. For every need and requirement, we have listed some of the best ergonomic PC keyboards you can find online, along with a quick summary of what best suits them.

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An ergonomic office keyboard

Microsoft 4000 Natural Ergonomic Keyboard

When working in an office environment, most people have no choice but to spend more than five hours a day with their hands on the keyboard. You must write emails, messages, and everything else for the work to continue. Instead of using the typical and direct keyboard approach, Microsoft has devised an ergonomic solution by dividing the design into a subtle measures.

Some of the keyboards on the market go too far by providing two different parts, while this particular model still has a unique design. The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 for Business is divided in the middle, but the part has been used brilliantly to accommodate a couple of buttons for easy access. You will also find the LED lights at the bottom to indicate which one is on or off.

The entire keyboard layout is curved in such a way that you do not have to force your hands to stay in a severe position. Instead of using the function keys at the top, they have provided quick-action buttons. Obviously, you can easily find that it is F1, F2 and so on. The palm rest is padded for maximum comfort and also has dedicated media keys for those who enjoy having things to listen to while working. It also works with Mac OS X.

What makes the Microsoft 4000 natural ergonomic keyboard a good choice?

  • The keyboard has a very ergonomic design with curves ideal for writing for long hours.
  • It has multimedia buttons and dedicated pads to reduce tension on the wrists.

Recommended for:

  • People who spend many hours writing content in the office or who need access to a full keyboard that is also ergonomic


Comfortable wrist rest with wireless technology

Logitech K350 2.4Ghz Wireless Keyboard

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At first glance, you will instantly notice the attention that designers put on this Logitech keyboard. The good thing is that all the keys you may need for the hotkeys are placed at the top, ready to be activated when necessary. Wave design is a unique aspect of this particular model that makes it the most ergonomic solution that exists. The curved design goes in a flow so you can move your hands smoothly from one corner to another and find the most suitable position.

The most comfortable part should be the wrist pad and it works well for this Logitech K350 keyboard. The keyboard behind the wireless connection allows you to comfortably place it on your lap or in any position while using your PC. The battery life is quite reliable since the manufacturer promises about three years of use before it is necessary to replace it. The lack of elegant keyboard lights allows users to obtain maximum battery life without having to constantly replace it.

In addition, being an office keyboard and not a gaming peripheral guarantees that you do not use any function that could drain the battery. The padded palm rest will ensure that the wrist does not tense when used for a long time and is powered by the unifying receiver used by Logitech. In case you use a Logitech wireless mouse, both peripherals can be connected to the same receiver. The keyboard also has dedicated multimedia keys so you can enjoy a relaxed movie or song when you’re not working.

What makes the Logitech K350 wireless keyboard amazing?

  • The comfort level is one of the best.
  • The wireless capability allows you to use it in any position and ensure that you do not feel any voltage as it is curved.

Recommended for:

  • Users who love the convenience of wireless keyboards will enjoy this product that is also ergonomically designed.

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A keyboard that really divides for maximum comfort

Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard for PC (20" Extended Separation)

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Have you ever found a keyboard that is divided? When you look for the best ergonomic keyboard, you will probably find many split designs. After all, your hand is not designed to be twisted in the space where you have to write for hours every day. That is when the concept of splitting the keyboard but keeping it connected by a cable or wireless technology comes into play.

The ergonomic Kinesis Freestyle 2 keyboard is one of the popular designs available that does not deviate too much from the basic keyboard design. The ergonomic factor is provided with a 20-inch division so you can separate the alphabetic keys and access them much more easily. It allows you to rotate the keyboard in any position and place it in the most convenient position of your choice.

It is also equipped with custom membrane switches and the patented Freestyle 2 key switches provide tactile feedback. They don’t generate any noise, but still, it makes it easier to see when you activate each of the keys and get a sense of satisfaction. It helps reduce fatigue in the fingers and the keyboard is connected by a thick cable so you are not afraid to interrupt connectivity easily. The small gap makes all the difference and once you start using it, you will get the idea.

What makes the ergonomic Kinesis Freestyle 2 keyboard a great choice?

  • The ability to divide the keyboard to create space is very useful.
  • It works with all versions of Windows and does not require any software.
  • The design is ergonomic and easy to use.

Recommended for:

  • Office users who need additional space or who want to divide the keyboard to type easily for long hours will find this design very useful.

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The best ergonomic keyboard with a wavy design

Perixx Periboard-512 Ergonomic Split Keyboard - Natural Ergonomic Design - Black - Bulky Size 19.09"X9.29"X1.73"

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If I had the chance and probably would have used the standard design keyboard all the time. You would have realized that you must move your hands to an awkward position in order to continue accessing the alphabet keys. The numerical lock will be at the far right, which will make access even more difficult unless you move your hands away from a comfortable posture. While the addition of wrist support with the keyboard should help, the wavy design helps improve your life.

The ergonomic Perixx Periboard 512 keyboard is definitely designed with comfort in mind. It uses a split key design, which means there is a significant gap in the middle and all the keys are curved so you don’t have to force both hands to a horizontal posture. The keyboard makes its way to find the most comfortable position and type all your emails, messages without forcing the area of ​​your wrist.

The palm rest is designed to keep joints comfortable. It has tactile feedback that should allow you to understand each time you press a key and move on to the next key without any additional effort. The plug and play keyboard can be used immediately without having to install any additional software. It works with all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, 8 and 10, which makes it the ideal companion for office users. The split keyboards are a bit different compared to a traditional design, but once you get used to the curvy design, you will definitely not find the traditional design as convenient as this.

What makes the Perixx Periboard 512 ergonomic keyboard a perfect model?

  • The design is very convenient to use with all the keys arranged at the top for easy access.
  • It is a full keyboard, however, it is very compact in size.

Recommended for:

  • The wrist pad and curvilinear design provide the best ergonomic position for your hands, as well as being an affordable solution for most.


A three-way split keyboard to improve ergonomics

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001 )

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Microsoft has been at the forefront when it comes to creating some of the best keyboards for business use. After all, people spend hours every day in the office and being able to reduce tension at every point does matter. The ergonomic business keyboard Microsoft Sculpt is definitely a completely new version of the design. The keyboard is not only divided into two but has different divisions so you can concentrate on what you are working on at the moment. In case you do not need the numeric keypad, it is individual and can be stored in the desk drawer.

The general shape of the keyboard has a bulge in the middle, while the keys are slightly curved. While some keyboards focus on complete curves that can force users to understand aesthetics, it does not have such a learning curve. Instead, if you are used to conventional keyboards, you can use it conveniently. The wrist rest at the bottom is simply fantastic with a curved rubber design that provides maximum comfort.

All the keys are slightly curved and have an arch that ensures that you can place your hand in the most convenient position without forcing it for hours. In addition, the division in the middle provides enough space between the keys and can even help increase the writing speed without feeling tight. The palm rest has a padded design and, in general, is the best ergonomic you can expect from a business keyboard.

What makes the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard the best?

  • The keyboard is completely divided and saves a lot of space.
  • The padded wrist rest is comfortable and convenient to use.
  • It is divided into two and curved to improve comfort levels while writing for long hours.

Recommended for:

  • Business users who have a tight table setting and may not require the numeric keypad all the time will find this compact keyboard easy to use.

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The best ergonomic Bluetooth keyboard

Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard: Mecha-Membrane Key Switches - Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting - Individuallly Backlit Keys - Detachable Plush Wrist Rest - Programmable Macro Functionality

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The devices on which he performs many actions these days are not only computers but also smartphones and tablets. These smartphones can be more productive when you can pair them with a Bluetooth keyboard. The only problem is the size of real, conventional products, which are too large to transport. The Jelly Comb Bluetooth folding keyboard eliminates all the problems you would face when trying to store it in your backpack or in the office drawer.

Designed to be the best travel companion, the Jelly Comb product is very compact and lightweight. You can even store it in your sweatshirt pocket when not in use. When you close it, it becomes the size of a large wallet and will stay comfortably in your pockets. It is also made with high quality plastic and the small division between the keyboard makes it more ergonomic than a conventional design. The gap provides space for your hands so you can write faster and without any tension on the wrist.

The keyboard is powered by Bluetooth 3.0 technology and also has a built-in battery that you can charge while traveling. It offers a massive standby time of 720 hours in case you travel a lot and want the product to be ready to use, even when there are no outlets to charge it in remote locations. BT technology works perfectly with all operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows. It also has lower tactile feedback to let you know when the keys are activated. The lack of a numeric keypad paves the way for a better design and a compact finish. You can even use it with laptops that don’t have Bluetooth but be sure to buy a compatible third-party adapter.

What makes the folding Bluetooth jelly comb keyboard convenient?

  • The perfect travel companion and you don’t have to keep your laptop at all times. You can easily do the job on your smartphone or tablet while traveling.
  • The powerful built-in battery can be charged and lasts a long time, so make sure your entire trip is completed when you use it occasionally.

Recommended for:

  • Business people and those who travel a lot will definitely find this foldable pocket keyboard that is a convenient option for them to freely write and handle large files or emails.

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The most ergonomic and comfortable gaming keyboard

Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Stainless Steel Ultra Slim Keyboard for Computer/Desktop/PC/Laptop/Surface/Smart TV and Windows 10/8 / 7 / Vista/XP Built in Rechargeable Battery

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The world of keyboards can never be complete unless you add a lot of gaming keyboards to the list. After all, they are some of the most popular categories where there are many mechanical keyboards. If you really like to have an ergonomic design combined with the most comfortable keyboard on the market, the Razer Ornata Chroma Edition is the perfect companion. The keyboard is less expensive because it uses an innovative membrane-mech keyboard that provides tactile feedback but is not as expensive as the original Cherry switches.

Each time a key is pressed, it feels individual and has a soft, padded membrane that provides a very soft touch to your fingers. The ergonomic factor comes into play here, which allows you to write for hours if necessary without tension on the wrist or fingers. Similarly, the lower area of ​​the keyboard is excellent with a long, fully padded wrist rest that feels extremely comfortable according to most reviews. Users simply love the level of comfort it has to offer.

If you are completely new to the world of gaming keyboards, it is good to know that Razer is one of the famous companies that stand out in the manufacture of gaming peripherals. With the help of your software, you can comfortably customize all the keys, game-specific or software-specific shortcuts that make your work easier. It is durable and has been rated to support approximately 80 million clicks. However, the keyboard could be a bit heavy and is not portable, since it is made with military grade metal at the bottom.

What makes the Razer Ornata keyboard an excellent choice?

  • It is robust and designed for desktop use with keys that are very soft to the touch.
  • The design reduces tension on the wrists with a comfortable pad and also its keys provide tactile feedback on a par with the mechanical keys.

Recommended for:

  • Players who love RGB color and want the best comfort when they go to play for long hours. It can also be used in an office if you can turn off the lights and make them more subtle.


An affordable and lightweight keyboard

Havit Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Combo RGB Gaming 104 Keys Blue Switches Wired USB Keyboards with Detachable Wrist Rest, Programmable Gaming Mouse for PC Gamer Computer Desktop (Black)

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At first glance, if you like minimalism, you will surely love the Arteck keyboard for what it offers. The product could fool you with its appearance of being subtle and easy to break with the keyboard, but in reality, it is far from being fragile. Its base is made of complete stainless steel material so you can use it comfortably without fear of breaking it. It can also be used with a variety of products and not just with computers since the 2.4G wireless receiver allows you to connect it to most compatible devices.

The product can be considered as one of the best ergonomic keyboards due to its size and compact construction. The best part is that, although it has a reduced footprint, designers have managed to include a full numeric keypad on the right side. Office users who spend a lot of time in Microsoft Excel, sheets and other files will find this addition a convenient solution. The USB receiver is literally small in size and you can move it anywhere, but be sure not to lose it by connecting it to the right peripheral.

The ultra-thin Arteck wireless keyboard comes with a battery life that is quite impressive. It can last a massive period of 6 months so you never have to worry about recharging or the performance of the product affected by the low battery. Latency is almost non-existent and also has all the keys you would need to get maximum productivity. Combining it with a small wireless mouse can work wonders for those who want an ergonomic solution for the use of their office that also looks good.

What makes the Arteck wireless keyboard a great choice?

  • The footprint is minimal since it looks compact, it can be used with multiple devices.
  • The battery life is excellent and being wireless adds to its ergonomic factor.

Recommended for:

  • If you like to clean your desk without compromising design, compactness or productivity, this Arteck keyboard is in place.

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The most ergonomic keyboard for your television

Logitech K400 Plus wireless keyboard

Most televisions are smart these days and are mini-computers on their own. If you need excellent home entertainment settings, choose the Logitech K400 Plus wireless touch keyboard. The ergonomic keyboard has been created in such a way that you can comfortably use it on a sofa to navigate the functions and options available on your smart TV. Most new models run on Android and have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to easily link this keyboard to your sofa settings.

Logitech has designed this product for the use of HTPC, which is when you connect your TV to a computer and want to navigate through media, games or controls without leaving that lazy sofa. While it may or may not work with all televisions that lack an appropriate operating system, your HTPC configuration will work perfectly. You can also connect your laptop or tablet to your TV while using this keyboard to navigate the mouse, as well as to write content. It has a 33-foot wireless range and connects even large rooms.

The volume controls are conveniently placed on the side for easy access, while the touch panel is similar to how you would use it on a laptop. The small keyboard saves space and is not designed for use on complete computers, but from the couch. You will find it much easier to type in the search box without using the built-in remote controls or on-screen keyboards. It uses a 2.4 GHz receiver that will work on HTPC and compatible devices. The battery can comfortably last 18 months on a single charge. It is compatible with the latest version of Windows, Android and also with Chrome OS.

What makes the Logitech K400 Plus wireless keyboard an excellent choice?

  • The compact size makes it the best ergonomic keyboard you can use from a sofa when browsing HTPC.
  • It connects perfectly and has great battery life.

Recommended for:

  • Fans of movies and those who have a dedicated HTPC configuration or who like to connect their Chromebooks for entertainment will find this Logitech wireless keyboard a perfect entertainment companion.


Get the experience of the mechanical keyboard in an ergonomic & affordable package

Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 for Business

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Before switching to a mechanical keyboard, you should know that the amount of force you must provide is much greater compared to a typical membrane keyboard. However, they provide tactile feedback and feel good every time you write something meaningful. It could be a long email or a message to your colleagues. The Havit RGB mechanical gaming keyboard is an excellent entry-level product that costs less but gives you blue switches that are loud and provide a great response.

In addition to being a robust keyboard, it also has RGB backlight for those who like to have a colorful desktop configuration. If you plan on using it in the office, make sure you can handle the lighting, as well as the loud noise that the blue switches make. For personal and gaming use, it would not be a problem if you had your own computer room. The keyboard has dedicated media controls that make it even better. You can change the songs, control the volume with a dedicated control, etc., that is satisfactory while reducing the tension of the hand.

While multimedia keys make it easy to control your entertainment, it also has dedicated keys at the top to adjust the brightness of RGB lights and also to customize the type of color palette you want on your keyboard. The mechanical keys combined with the generalized keyboard layout will allow you to type easily. It is an excellent option for situations where noise does not matter to you, but you would like to have that tactile response.

What makes the Havit RGB mechanical keyboard an appropriate option?

  • The keyboard offers an affordable entry into the world of mechanical keys and tactile feedback.
  • RGB lights and multimedia keys make life easier for those who like to be more productive.

Recommended for:

  • Professional users and players who like to have ergonomically placed keys for easy access along with mechanical switches will find this is the perfect package.

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The best ergonomic keyboard with a curve

The keyboard literally curves on all sides and if you confuse it with a fashion product, you are definitely not wrong. The ergonomic keyboard is designed to be as comfortable as possible. However, for new users, it might be a bit difficult to get used to the form and start writing at its maximum speed. The model uses a curved design that flows perfectly from one end to the other. It provides a slightly curved style so you don’t have to force both hands to be in an awkward position, which is one of the key reasons that lead to tension.

The Microsoft Comfort Curve Desktop 3000 for Business is familiar because, unlike some keyboards that use a split layout or very unique changes that are uncomfortable, this one is more familiar. He even managed to keep the numeric keypad to make it easier to write a large collection of numbers or keep documents in Excel sheets. These features make it an ideal keyboard for office purposes.

An additional feature is that the keyboard has been designed to be ambidextrous. People who use their right or left hand can use it since the waves are in such a way that they do not obstruct their access to a mouse located nearby. It is a wired keyboard and you do not have to worry about battery life, but you must continue using it in the long term.

What makes the Microsoft Comfort Curve Desktop 3000 a perfect keyboard?

  • It balances the concept of ergonomic curved design with a conventional keyboard layout.
  • The design is easy to learn and also reduces hand strain.

Recommended for:

  • Office and business users who need a curved design for comfort, but want to retain their original design to reduce learning time

Final Conclusion

The best ergonomic keyboard is the one that helps reduce tension in the hands and wrist, but you should also be able to do the job more effectively. You can go to the end by choosing fully divided keyboards, a modular design, or simply opt for one with a good wrist rest. Mechanical keyboards are also comfortable for those who enjoy them, but in the end, it is your personal preference. Make your writing easier by opting for an ergonomic keyboard of your choice.

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