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Asus ROG G750JM – DS71 Gaming Laptop Review in2023

Written by Ehsan Batt

Features Highlights

  • 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7- 4700HQ processor
  • 12GB RAM
  • 17.3-inch Anti Glare Display
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M
  • 1TB Hard drive
  • Windows 8.1

ASUS ROG Flow Z13 (2022) Gaming Laptop Tablet, 13.4” 120Hz FHD+ Display, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050, Intel Core i7-12700H, 16GB LPDDR5, 512GB PCIe SSD, Free Bundle Detachable RGB Keyboard, GZ301ZC-PS73

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1. Speed, graphics, gaming experience

The G750’s onboard Intel Thunderbolt technology provides ultra-fast data transmission graphics via a single connection, while its Killer wireless-N 1202 chip delivers blazingly-fast and stable wireless networking.

Its GeForce GTX 860M is a powerful DirectX 11-compatible graphics card that is designed for use in high-spec laptops, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Unfortunately, being a high-performance graphics card, it consumes a great deal of power.

The device features ROG AudioWizard and ASUS SonicMaster which are designed to ensure that it produces the best sound.

These make the sound fantastic and the games to look their best as the sound is critical to success play.

 2. Battery life 

The G750 uses a Lithium-ion battery. Due to all the heavy hardware installed, this laptop suffers from battery life and as a consequent, you would be lucky to get around 3.5 hours of juice from the battery. 

But its Optimus technology allows it to automatically use the GeForce GTX 860M for applications that need best possible graphics performance, and the HD Graphics 4600 controller for less demanding tasks, seamlessly switching between the two as needed.

3. Display 

This laptop has a 17.3” widescreen matte display that is backlit with LED lamps. The screen brightens faster and uses less power.

Is has Full HD 1920 x 1080 native resolution driven by the NVIDIA GPU with 2GB of discrete memory, meaning it can play Full HD 1080p content without letterboxing or upscaling.

The screen offers a true 16:9 aspect ratio with respectable viewing angles. It features a matte finish in order to combat glare.

4. Design and Functionality 

The G750 measures 16.10 x 12.50 x 2 inches and weighs 9.9 pounds. It is considered to be a bit bulky by many users but that doesn’t mean you can’t carry it around.

Some also find the aluminum palm rest and inside of the laptop to be a fingerprint magnet.

The device packs a quad-core 4th-generation 2.4GHz Intel Core i7- 4700HQ processor, a 2GB RAM and a 1TB of a hard drive.

It features two disk drive bays, so you can add a second hard drive or a 2.5-inch Solid State Drive (SSD) to the machine to give even more storage space.

The processor is based on Intel’s Haswell architecture meaning it is optimized to provide the best possible balance between computing performance and energy efficiency.

The Turbo Boost allows each core to automatically adjust to its own speed as need, from the base speed of 2.4GHz up to a maximum of 3.4GHz.

The machine also has an HD webcam that makes it video-chat ready right out of the box. Windows 8.1 comes pre-installed and it includes the popular Skype video chat software.

All you need to do is to sign in to your account or sign up a new account and start the chat; there is nothing to download or install.

5. Keyboard 

It has an illuminated backlit keyboard that lets you type in low-light environments. The keyboard is designed specifically for gaming, with guaranteed strength and durability.

The 2.5 mm key travel ensures smooth and accurate responses no matter how hard you play. The chiclet-style keys have very nice bounce and clicky response with no noticeable flex at all. 

6. Trackpad

The trackpad is also very nice, large, smooth and very responsive. It has the individual right and left click buttons.

If you are not interested in using the trackpad, you can disable it by a simple key shortcut.

7. Connectivity

The G750 has a plethora of connectivity options including an HDMI 1.4 port, four high-speed 3.0 ports, and a gigabit Ethernet port that provides all the speed you should need. 

The HDMI port supports 4K2K allowing you to connect to displays with far higher resolutions than the 1080p devices. Wireless networking is provided by built-in 802.11 ac Wi-Fi and Blue-tooth 4.0.

It also boasts the Intel Thunderbolt technology which combines PCI Express and DisplayPort into one high-speed connection.


It has a very powerful processor; a 2.4GHz Intel Core i7- 4700HQ processor paired with an excellent graphics card, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M, which gives it fluid performance.
On top of that, it comes with 1 TB Hard Drive and a generous memory of 12 GB DDR3. Other great touches are the keyboard and trackpad which are very nice.
The Onboard audio sounds fantastic plus a large 17.3” display which gives crisp and clear images with good viewing angles.


Maybe a little large and heavy and it doesn’t come with a Blu-ray drive. The price and short battery life (3.5 hours).

ASUS ROG G750JM – DS71 is slimmer and more gamer-centric than previous G Series notebooks.

It is a high performance, high specification machine for gamers and others who need a laptop with lots of graphics and computing power.

With this machine, you will have no difficulty with the demands of modern games at high detail settings or video editing software.

Other things to consider

8. Warranty 

With the G750 Gaming Laptop, you are fully covered. It comes with a 1Year International Warranty and 1-year accidental damage covering spills, accidental drops, power surges, and fire damage.

9. Value 

The question is that at what price do you get value for your money? The G750 is considered to be the most affordable model of the latest ASUS ROG 17.3 gaming laptops.


Bottom line 

The laptop, being a ROG gaming laptop, is the cream of the brand, meaning it speaks of excellence from every corner of its design.

Even though it is bulky and heavy, true gamers wouldn’t hold those against it. So, if you are looking for a gaming- or workstation-grade laptop at an affordable price tag, the G750 would be the best bet.

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