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ASUS Chromebook 13 Inch laptop Review

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Written by Ehsan Batt

Asus and Google announced a new collaboration, namely with the launch of three new products in the form of two Chromebook laptop and dongle Chromebit.

Asus itself is one of the few vendors that work with Google to bring an affordable laptop that uses the OS from Google, Chrome OS.

ASUS Chromebook 13 Inch now presents the latest addition to immerse the new features of Chrome OS, elegant design is also certainly an affordable price.

Build and Design

The first product is the Asus Chromebook C201 is designed for everyday use. 11.6 inch-wide screen and has a battery life of up to 13 hours.

This laptop is also equipped with virus protection with auto-updating so users can always get protection, while updated every waktu.

The Design of C201 Chromebook looks elegant with lightweight and easy to carry -Bring. The design is compact with curved corners, tactile surfaces and thin bezel that makes this laptop is very compact.

Keyboard C201 is a 100% full-size keyboard with a high-quality lock mechanism makes typing can take place comfortably. The keyboard is equipped with a wide touchpad with gesture recognition to input more intuitive.


Asus Chromebook C201 is powered by a quad-core Rockchip processor with a choice of 2GB or 4GB Ram and can boot in seconds.

This laptop is equipped with WiFi 802.11 ac connection and Bluetooth 4.0 which allowed him to perform data transfers 3x faster than 802.11n.

Other Features

The body is very thin to deliver maximum portability, and to support a beautiful design that runs Chrome OS is designed to optimize the touch input with features such as Google Now, voice recognition, virtual keyboard, and handwriting.

Flip Chromebook showcase the power of touch and mobility in a folding device that is best in its class. Asus Chromebook Flip powered by Rockchip 3288 processor and storage options of 2GB or 4GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage.

Also, this laptop is also equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and battery life up to 8 hours.


Asus Flip Chromebook has a very affordable price, which is about $ 250.

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