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Samsung Chromebook 2 11.6 inch Laptop Review in 2023

Samsung Chromebook2
Written by Ehsan Batt

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Samsung Chromebook 2 11.6 Inch Laptop (Samsung Exynos, 4 GB, 16 GB SSD, Black)

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Before getting into specifics, maybe a lot of people do not know what the Chromebook is. Google’s Chromebook is a laptop production designed to help owners work on tasks easier and simpler.

This laptop uses the Chrome OS operating system and is designed to provide a new experience in using a laptop. This laptop requires an online Internet network that can be used optimally. 

Samsung Chromebook 2 11.6 Inch Laptop provides cloud storage media and internal protective coating to protect from viruses and malware.

Build and Design

Samsung Chromebook2 11.6 “is not voting for special designs. Materials made of the plastic casing makes the design looks simple but solid.

Comparable to the price. Also weighing only 1.1 kg with a thickness of 1.7 cm makes this laptop is compact to carry anywhere. The screen presents the display quality is not too good.

The black color looks like gray and other colors look a bit blurry. But once again we must continue to remember that this laptop is designed to meet the market demand for low-cost laptops.


Samsung Chromebook2 11.6 “uses an Intel Celeron processor that could not be counted on to play games or use other demanding applications. But you can use a variety of Android applications on this laptop.

Other Features

If you consider buying this laptop because you will only use Microsoft Office you better think again because you cannot use Microsoft Office on this laptop.

Instead, Google has provided a wide range of applications that have functions similar to Microsoft Office applications.

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