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How to Connect Your PS4 with the Laptop through HDMI

how to connect ps4 with laptop with hdmi
Written by Ehsan Batt

Why to connect PS4 with the laptop screen?

There can be multiple reasons for connecting PS4 to the laptop screen. First of all, the person may like to share their music and video from their devices through a wireless connection. And the second reason for being connecting the PS4 with the laptop is for playing games on the big screen.

If you are at home and your LED is available you can simply connect your PS4 with that through the HDMI cable because the Separate LEDs have the Input HDMI port so you can simply connect it with the PS4.

Connecting the PS4 to the laptop screen for these two reasons can be done with the two different methods. You might be thinking that you can simply connect the PS4 with the HDMI cable to the laptop screen. But it’s not much easy the way it looks like because the HDMI port on the PS4 is for the output and the port on most of the laptops is unidirectional means used for viewing the laptop screen on some external screen or projector.

Connecting the PS4 with the HDMI cable to the laptop won’t do anything both have the output HDMI ports. And you won’t be able to get the result you want.

To show PS4 on a laptop screen is a tricky thing to do. If you want a gameplay display on your laptop screen then it requires your laptop to have a video Input. That’s the difficult thing to have on most of the laptops.

But you don’t have to worry about this. As earlier in this article I have told that there are two different ways to connect your ps4 to the laptop screen for gameplay. The two methods are as below:

  • Using a video capture card
  • Using Remote Play

Here we will discuss these two methods step by step in details and we will tell you the essentials you may gonna need for connecting your PS4 to the Laptop screen using HDMI.

So let’s start with the first method

Using a video capture card

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Connecting the PS4 with the laptop screen through HDMI using Video Capture Card is quite an easy method but it may be a little expensive.

Here are the essential things you gonna need to connect your PS4 to the laptop using a Video Capture card.

  • Laptop
  • Video Capture Card
  • Internet Connection
  • HDMI
  • File Sharing enabled

Now we are going to discuss step by step how to use this technique:

Step 1:

First of all, you have to enable the file-sharing option on your PS4. For that purpose, you have to go into the setting menu of PS4.  Then go to network setting, and find the Internet connection setting. Now find your router and connect your PS4 with it.

If you don’t have the wireless connection, you have to configure your laptop and Play station 4 to the same router with an Ethernet cable.

Step 2:

Now you have to enable your Video capture card to connect your ps4 with the laptop to enable the gameplay on the laptop screen. We will help you to find the best video capture cards too.

Step 3:

Connect the video capture card with the laptop through the USB port. You may also need the S-video connection cable for connecting the ps4 with the laptop for the gameplay display. And also Install the software that came along with the video capture card to help the capture card to work properly.

Step 4:

Now you have to connect your ps4 with the video capture card. For this connection, you will need the S-video connection cable. Now connect the HMDI-IN on the video capture card and HMDI-Out to the PS4.

Step 5:

Open the application software that came along with the video capture card and power on your ps4. The software will automatically search for your PS4 and allows you to view the display of your ps4 on the laptop screen. Now the ps4 is connected to the laptop and now the laptop screen can be used as a gameplay display for ps4. You must ensure that the application is in full-screen mode.

Following these simple steps, you are able to connect your PS4 with the laptop through HDMI for the gameplay display and play games with ease and speed.

The other method to connect your PS4 with the laptop screen is using remote play. Now let me tell something about this technique then we will discuss it step by step how to implement this technique.

Using Remote play

For streaming your PS4 gameplay on mac or windows laptop sony company is providing sony’s remote play that enables you to control and stream your PS4 on the laptop screen. This application allows you to enjoy the immersive PlayStation gaming experience as you are connected wirelessly with your PS4.

Here are the important things you may need for the proper working of Remote Play:

  • High-Speed Internet Connection
  • An account of the Playstation network
  • PS4
  • Laptop
  • The USB cable or DualShock 4 USB wireless adapter

Step 1:

First of all, you have to go to the Sony Remote play app website and download the app for your laptop. When the download is completed run the installer and install this app because with the help of this application you’re going to stream your PS4 on the laptop screen.

If you have more than one PS4 then follow step 2 otherwise just skip it.

Step 2:

If you have more than one PS4 at your home, you have to choose one of PS4 as your primary console. For that purpose, you have to power on your PS4, go to the setting option. Then to the PlayStation network setting and after that to the Account management. Where you will be able to see Activate as Primary PS4 just enable it and get it done.

You also have to check for the software update of your PS4 to 3.50.  if you don’t have the update you can manually go to the setting menu and then to the system update. Where you can download the update manually.

Step 3:

Now go to the settings and then to the remote play connection setting. Enable the remote play option. Check if the remote play option is enabled. Now to allow you to access the gameplay through your network the PS4 has to be powered on or the rest mode is to be activated.

Step 4:

Rest mode is activated usually by default. However, it is good to check, for that purpose you have to go to the setting option. Then to the power saving settings and set the features available in rest mode.

You have to confirm that enables turning on PS4 from the network is checked. If it isn’t enabled you have to enable it for the streaming of PS4 on your laptop.

Step 5:

Now you have to go to the remote play app installed on the laptop. At the top, left corner of the app is a setting button. Where you set the resolution and frames per sec according to your own choice. Resolution is set to 720p by default because for the higher resolution you need a powerful laptop and also a pro PS4.

Step 6:

You can use the USB cable or a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless adapter to plug in the controller to your laptop.

For connecting the wireless controller, you have to hold down share and circular PlayStation buttons on the controller until the light bar is lighted up.

Plugin the USB adapter into your laptop and hold it in pushing position for at least 3 to 4 seconds to pair the controller.

Step 7:

You will be able to see the start button then click on the button and you will be prompted to the login menu. Where you have to log in to your PlayStation network.  The app will search for the first PS4 in the network and will take you to the PS4’s home screen.

Moreover, with the streaming of your PS4 on the laptop, you can also use the laptop’s MIC and keyboard chatting and text typing.

Step 8:

If you want to end the streaming of PS4. you have to press the PlayStation button on the DUALSHOCK 4 controller and enter the power setting option from there you have to go to the Rest Mode. This will enable you to put your PS4 to sleep and end the streaming connection.

These are the methods through which you can connect your PS4 with the laptop and stream its gameplay on the laptop screen.

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