Dell i3169-0011RED Review

Dell i3169-0011RED
Written by Ozil

Not everybody needs a big and bulky laptop to get what they need to be done especially of much of there activity is done while on the go.

For users like this, the Dell i3169-0011RED provides a compact option at a low price and even comes in a very attractive tango red color.

One thing that many compact laptops suffer from is lack of power so below we will check out some of the pros and cons to see just how well this particular model stacks up.


Processor: Intel Core m3 6Y30 0.9 Ghz

Memory: 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM

Hard Drive: 500 GB SATA

Screen: 11.6″ touch display

OS: Windows 10


When it comes to compact design the Dell i3169-0011RED has things well covered coming in at just 3.2 pounds and a very slim profile of just 0.8 inches making it great for travel either for work or play.

This device isn’t just a laptop as it can also quickly switch modes to be used in the popular tablet, tent and stand modes making it a great fit for those who need to fulfill multiple needs all in one device.

On top of this, the touch screen interface makes working with the different modes very easy and convenient.

Luckily Dell hasn’t scaled back on everything in order to come up with such a compact device and one of the areas they haven’t forgotten about is storage.

By going with a large 500 GB SATA drive even this small device can handle plenty of large files.


So far things have looked great on the Dell i3169-0011RED but unfortunately, a device priced this low with such a sleek compact design has to have some limitations and this is mainly the performance when it comes to this model.

The low-end Intel Core M processor which is only backed by 4 GB of memory is not going to power the latest game or handle large applications without some slow down.

If your big on plugging in external devices then this laptop model may leave you feeling disappointed.

With just one USB 3.0 port your only going to be able to plug in one device taking advantage of the high speeds provided by this technology.


The Dell i3169-0011RED has plenty of great features for those on the go but lacks any serious performance but still makes this a nice choice for users who don’t need to do much more than basic tasks while on the go and all for a very affordable price tag.

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