Best Cheap Gaming Mouse Under 50, 100 & 150 Dollars [2022]

Written by Ehsan Batt

Imagine you have a high-priced system, best sporty gaming desk for dual monitors, a comfortable gaming chair and all other essential gaming gears. But then, you fulfill your gaming appetite with an ordinary mouse. Wait! What?

Trust me! It’s sheer injustice to your gaming passion.

The gaming mouse market has a load of high-end to a cheap gaming mouse. Keeping the expensive products aside, we are going to list here best gaming mouse under 50 bucks.

I have comprehensively reviewed all of them and you will find them in a moment. But before that, let’s take a look at how you would be able to pick the right mouse for your gaming needs.

What to look for in a Gaming Mouse under 50 Bucks?

Notably, a gaming mouse sets you apart from competitors. A good grip, superior precision, and smooth performance are key players in a good gaming mouse. Let’s delve deeper into these aspects.


Your Gripping style matters the most:  

The gaming mice market is highly saturated. Other than mouse efficiency, size, and features, the decision to decide the best mouse mainly relies on how you grip the mouse. It’s a fact: not every mice is apt for your style.

To know what the mystery behind grip-style is, here are 3 main techniques to grip a mouse during a gameplay

Palm Grip: Most of the gamers are adapted to this style where your whole palm settles flat on the mouse body while your index and middle finger take control of the buttons.

Fingertip Grip: Only your fingers settle on the mouse button while your palm remains in an elevated position

Claw Grip: Well, this one is a little weird and as it is a mixture of palm and fingertip grip. Your palm rests on the back edges of mice, and your fingers take control of buttons in the shape of a claw.

The war of Ergonomic vs ambidextrous mouse:

As we see most players are right-handed. And yet, we find left-handed people here and there. Does a particular type of mouse can serve both types of player? Probably yes, but it’s not that simple.

An Ergonomic Mouse is the right choice for right-handed gamers; whereas, the ambidextrous (or whatever) suits the left-handed e-sport fanatics. So, which side handed person you are? For me, I am truly okay with an ambidextrous thing.

DPI is the technical stuff:

You are hunting for the best gaming mouse for e-gaming, and I guess you would know about DPI. However, if you don’t, it’s an abbreviation of Dots Per Inch, and it relates to the movement of the mouse. In simple terms, the sensitivity of the mouse relies on this factor.

The higher the DPI of a mouse, the more will be its sensitivity. Anything that ranges from 4000 to 18000 DPI is suitable for gamers. Mostly, mice come with customizable software to fine-tune DPI according to your preference.

Buttons, Extra Buttons, Load of buttons: 

Many mice cater to FPS type of gaming needs and come with standard or some extra buttons to manage DPI and RGB.

But then, when it comes to MMO or high strategy games, the e-sport enthusiasts prefer MMO mouse with a load of extra buttons. These are some complex entities that require intense practicing and skills to get used to it.

Customizable Weight Option Gives an Extra Edge: Some users love to use lightweight devices, while some gamers admire bit heavy mice. For this reason, you should pick a product that comes with additional weights.

Such offering gives you the leverage to adjust the mouse weight according to your convenience for better performance. Especially, when you play different strategy and FPS games with the same mouse, the adjustment of mouse weight becomes essential.

So, what caliber you have in the e-sport domain? Choose your tool according to the gameplays you often play.

Apart from some of these highly crucial points, you can, also, prioritize other factors like a wired or wireless option, aesthetics, build material, size, etc.

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9 Top-Rated Cheap Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse under 50
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Best Gaming Mouse Under $50, $100 & $150


Logitech G502 SE Hero High Performance RGB Gaming Mouse with 11 Programmable Buttons

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as of August 27, 2022 9:41 am

Weight: 125g | DPI: 16000| Adjustable DPI Range: 200 to 16000 | Additional Weight: 5, 3.6gm each making a total of 18g | Mouse Type: Ergonomic, FPS, Wired

Of all the impressive yet affordable mice available in the market, Logitech G502 is an exception.  Well, our pick is not the original G502 model, rather an updated version with a better HERO sensor giving 16000 DPI under your hands.

Typically, it’s an ergonomic mouse built for FPS gaming needs. Logitech g502 Hero firstly hit the market in 2022, carrying a true legacy of g502.

Well, it looks the same the way as its previous version, yet it carries some minor yet significant improvements. The previous version carries a Pixar PMW 3366 sensor that only gives 12000 DPI. A treat for your ears if you are an admirer of high DPI count, this HERO version offers adjustable DPI from 200 to 16000.

Therefore, you have better and extended exposure to DPI settings.

Since this is an updated version, the HERO sensor makes the mouse able to retract on white mouse pads or glossy surfaces. The previous version hasn’t had this ability, so it’s somewhat an outstanding addition.

Secondly, the wire is updated and has become sturdier and thinner braided to give a lower kinking. Being the third generation, this model should have been introduced with a wireless feature.It is a major lack.

Anyways, with the dimensions 5.2L X 2.95W X 1.57H inches, it’s decent and perfectly viable for palm, fingertip, and claw grip. This mouse is an optimum choice for the gamers who are blessed with the hand length from 15 to 20cm.

Moreover, in the grip section, it grows into a perfect fit for medium size hands. The Logitech further enhances your grip by giving side by side rubberized texture. Hence, your thumb and little finger will feel the touch.

The weight of the mouse plays a vital role to ensure better accuracy in high-intensity gaming situations. The Logitech just weighs 125g and also gives you the leverage to adjust the weight by providing you five additional weights of 3.6g each, making a total adjustable weight to 18g.

Which weight number suit to your grip and hands? You can easily decide, there are several choices to decide.

This Logitech hero version has also got updates on the software side. The new software called G-HUB allows you to change the DPI setting, RGB LED settings, and additional buttons settings.

This software also provides you a unique screen sample effect. With this feature, you can set the color of LED lights according to the colors of your desktop screen. You can select some portion of your desktop screen in this feature, and it implements the screen portion color to the mouse RGB color scheme.

  • The macro settings are useful for assigning commands to additional buttons

  • Gives five preset profiles to save different mouse settings

  • The sampling screen effect is unique

  • It offers an optimum grip for small to medium-size hands

  • The build quality, precision, design are highly graded elements of this mouse

  • It lacks the wireless feature.

  • The wire kinks after 7-8 months of use, yet it doesn’t kink as much as in the previous version.

 Why should one buy this?

This gaming mouse truly meets the standard of the market with its DPI range, precision control, and aggressive looks. So, if you are looking for durability and accuracy in a mouse, this one will surely be a perfect choice.

Last updated on August 27, 2022 9:41 am


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Weight: 8.5 ounces | Number of Buttons: 8 | DPI: 16000 | Mouse Type: Ergonomic, FPS, Wired | Warranty: 2 Years


Razer basilisk (Phew! It’s hard for me to pronounce)  is another cheap ergonomic FPS mouse.

Let’s find out some of the unique features that make it one of the best gaming mice under 50 dollars.

The mechanical and removable clutch sniper button is distinctive. For the gamers who are really into FPS games and want to have super accurate sniper buttons, this clutch-type button worth a shot.

This clutch button offers your thumb not to shift forward and backward for zooming in and out of your sniper. Just place your thumb on this clutch, and it’ll empower you to control the sniper aiming without lifting your thumb every time.

Don’t forget! This clutch thing comes with 3 sizes to get adjusted with all thumb-sizes.

You know, having an accurate and super controlled scroll button affects your gaming performance in many ways. Just like in Fortnite or Pubg, where you shuffle your weapons quickly, the scroll button needs to be ultimate perfect and controlled under your fingers.

Another big thing that you’ll not experience even in some high-end gaming mice is the resistant control button. Just like in the Logitech g502 model, we have just two sets of scroll buttons, the hyper-speed one and a stiff one.

However, in this Razer Basilisk model, you’ll see a scroll resistance adjustment button at the base of the mouse. It deals with numbers of speed variation with a plus (+) and minus (-) button.

So now, you won’t get a limited number of settings as you can adjust the scroll button according to your convenience. Likewise, you’ll have a high grip on your scroll button.

Moreover, you can adjust RGB and button settings through Razer Synapse software. This software also adjusts the commands and setting of mouse buttons (8 total buttons) and DPI.

The DPI is about 16000, and you’ll find a typical Razer 5G optical sensor for it.

So, coming to the design, size, and aesthetics, you won’t find it as the fanciest thing. This mouse is a low profile and has a simple glossy look.

At both sides of the mouse, you’ll find a groove like a design for grip improvements and specifically at the left side, you’ll have extended support to give your thumb a base to rest.

The dimensions 4.8L X 3W X 1.6H inches make it super comfortable for the fingertip and claw users. For palm users, the backend or wrist position touches the surface. Yet, right beneath the mouse, you’ll find 3 glider pads that help this mouse to revolve like butter at most of the surfaces without hurting your wrist.

  • The innovative resistance button

  • The clutch button gives better control than conventional sniper button

  • The looks and design are simplistic

  • It comes with 2 years of warranty

  • It doesn’t come with extra weights

Why should one buy this?

For much accurate scroll button performance and multiple scroll speed variations, this is a first-class device to buy. Its innovative and unique resistance button gives gamers an extra control over the scroll button for better sniper shoots and swapping of weapons.


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Weight: 99gm | Mouse Type: Ergonomic, FPS | Wireless/Wired DPI: 10000 | Buttons: 6


Well, Corsair is one of the names that land in the top 3 spots of best gaming mice. This corsair harpoon model is primarily a wireless version, yet you can use it in 3 different ways.

The one way – it becomes a wired mouse by attaching a USB cable to its port that also charges the battery. So, you can also utilize this mouse even when it’s on a charge.

Secondly, there is a Bluetooth button so you can connect it with your system Bluetooth receiver, and it’s all good to go. Yet, this becomes a little heck as Bluetooth doesn’t hold the load of high precision, intense or quick gaming situations effectively.

Lastly, through a USB connecting device. This 2.4GHz wireless option relieves you from the mess of wire.

The company claims about 60 hours of battery life. Nonetheless, it seems a tall claim and battery drains a little quick with RGB turned on. Turn off the RGB and it improves the battery performance a bit.

Corsair Harpoon furnishes 10000 DPI with an Optical sensor. With the intent of Ergonomic and FPS mouse, this is one of the best budget wireless gaming mice that comes with 6 Button options.

The DPI settings buttons have also got a LED feature. Incredibly, 6 different color options indicate the DPI levels and settings. Besides, you can manage the DPI settings, DPI Level color settings, and button commands through the iCUE software.

The Harpoon wireless mouse comes with the most simplistic matte look with side by side rubberized texture. This side by side rubber texture gives a nice feel to your fingertips and enhances your grip.

This mouse is not bulky: it weighs 99gm without battery and 102gm with a battery. With such a price tag, some users feel the need for additional weights. Specifically, the gaming buffs, who look for some heavier option.

Also, this mouse doesn’t satisfy the guys with large hands. For average size hands like from 14 to 18cm, it’s a prime choice. Furthermore, the 6 gliders pad setup allows you to experience a cream like maneuverability.

  • The DPI buttons have LED to detect the DPI level.

  • The 6 Glider pads make maneuverability extremely smooth.

  • The materials have a black matte texture.

  • It provides a versatile way of utilization.

  • The battery drains little quickly

  • It’s a small mouse for bigger hands

Why should one buy this?

This mouse has a cream like maneuverability. Gamers who need their gadget to work on every type of surface, Corsair Harpoon offers you that facility within the lowest price. As well as, flexible and versatile usability is a specialty here.


Weight: 126gm | Mouse Type: MMO, Ergonomic, Wired | Additional Weight: 8, 2.5gm each | DPI: 16400, Adjustable from 200 to the end | Warranty: 18 Months

MMO mice are considered to be as most expensive ones in the gaming mouse category. But Hello! This one is not that pricey entity that you can’t afford.

Truthfully, the UtechSmart is not that kind of famous brand as Logitech, corsair, and such other big names. Yet, when it comes to a quality product with minimal price, it undoubtedly hammers down many big brands.

Considering this UtechSmart Venus mouse, it’s typically an ergonomic MMO mouse with an army of 19 customizable buttons.

You are reading it right here, Damn 19 buttons. In this lot of buttons, you get 12 additional buttons for specific commands and macros. Other than these, it carries the regular DPI and scroll buttons.

These buttons, logo, and the scroll button further get luminous with backlit RGB having a 16 Million color spectrum. The RGB enlightens the side button, yet the scroll button only has 5 static choices of colors.

In simpler words, you can select the RGB lightning pattern and color scheme; however, the scroll button is limited to just 5 colors.

The Venus Wired MMO mouse carries a 16400 DPI ultra-accurate PIXART 3335 sensor. Also, can adjust the DPI  from 200 to 16400.

Apart from the software, 4 preset levels of DPI can get selected through the onboard DPI button.

The performance of this mouse is super accurate, and while doing a height or liftoff test through CDs, it doesn’t work after 1 CD. Many big names in MMO mice competition like Logitech 502(1.5 CD) and 1800 DeadAdder (2 CDs) have been punched down by this low profile mouse.

After such performance, it’s truly emerged as one of the best MMO mice under 50 bucks.

Coming to the aesthetics, it renders a sporty look with a rubberized texture. Due to its size and long heightened back, it becomes a viable option for users with different grip styles.

The side by side thumb rest and a dedicated place for ring finger support – let’s don’t fatigue your wrist for hours and hours of use.

Furthermore, UtechSmart supplies an additional sticky glider pad, which is a really a value protection point of the user’s money. Many giants of this category don’t offer these types of accessories, even at a much higher price.

Lastly, when it comes to weight customization, UTechSmart Venus mouse arrives with 8 additional 2.5gm of weights. It offers greater flexibility and better precision for your sniper weapon.

  • The RGB customization system is damn cool

  • Additional gliders pad raises it worth

  • It provides ultimate accuracy and precision due to its lowest liftoff feature

  • The price is incredibly low

  • It comes with 1.5 Years of warranty

  • The finish is slightly not up to the par.

Why should one buy this?

As we talked above, MMO mice mostly come with a hefty price tag. Thanks to the UtechSmart that understood the needs of gamers and has given this best performing MMO mouse with remarkable RGB setup and all-rounder performance at the lowest price.


Weight: 136gm | Mouse Type: Ergonomic, Wireless, FPS | DPI: 16000, Adjustable in 5 Levels through DPI Button | Buttons: 7 | Warranty: 2 Years

In case you didn’t get impressed by the corsair harpoon wireless mouse, here is the Razer Mamba wireless gaming mouse that is another superb addition in search of the best gaming mouse under 50.

When it comes to aesthetics, DPI count, and optical sensor, it does almost the same job as previous Razer Basilisk wired mouse do. So to cut a long story short, let me introduce a few unique features of this cheap wireless gaming mouse.

As the Razer Mamba comes with a simplistic look and unique RGB setup with a variety of modes. One brightening mode catches the user’s attention, and that is Reactive Mode.

In this mode, the Lights get brighten whenever you click the mouse buttons. So, the users who want their mouse to give RGB effects whenever they shoot or fire in the game, this is the exact thing for which they are looking for.

Additionally, enhancing your gaming performance, it comes with an adjustable click force feature. At the base of the mouse, you discover two rotatable buttons for each mouse click button.

You can tight or lose each button through a little screwdriver (included in the package) to make your right and left click stiff or smooth according to your ease and gaming style.

This feature heightens and improves your response rate in the game, especially while playing CSGO, Pubg, and other FPS games.

The Mamba edition of Razer mice also get converted into a wired version through a Type C USB data and charging cable.

In a condition of wireless usage, you can use it from around 10 meters far distance without any glitch. The company claims it to offer approximately 50 hours of continuous gameplay, but it disappoints us: the battery doesn’t last long.

If you fall into the category of gamers who love to spend hours and hours at their desk, this is the right mouse to have.

  • The click force feature does an outstanding job

  • Exceptional DPI adjustment as low as 1 point.

  • It comes with an additional charging dock.

  • minimalist design.

  • Low battery Life

Why should one buy this?

With click force feature, Razer Mamba permits you to perfectly tune your clicks to enhance your gaming performance. This mouse is a serious buying option to enjoy a much-improved accuracy and response rate in the game.


Weight: 92.1gm | Mouse Type: Ambidextrous, Wired, FPS | DPI: 12000 |Buttons: 7

You will find less ambidextrous mice options in the market than the ergonomic ones. Consequently, if you are in the exploration of some left-hand style mouse, this SteelSeries Sensei 310 is the one to get right now.

This mouse has the most simplistic design looks with no aggressive curves, a lot of buttons, RGB setups, etc. With such an approach, the build quality is something to cheer upon. Plus, it’s one of the best lightweight gaming mice under 50 bucks.

It weighs just 92gm due to reinforced recycled plastic body manufacturing. Due to its most straightforward shape, it caters fingertip and claws grip styles. For Palm grip with bigger hands, it doesn’t look a suitable choice for the most extended gaming sessions.

The mouse has side-by-side silicon groovy grip pads for keeping this gadget secure in your hands during intense gaming scenarios. The click buttons have got rough matte-like texture, so your fingers don’t slip while pushing it back.

In addition to this, the scroll wheels look pretty standard or regular, and you won’t find something crispy or fancy in its working. Behind this scroll wheel, your hand will find the DPI settings button.

To a very strange situation, this DPI setting button only offers two settings of DPI, which is a bit issue yet, it’s not a deal-breaker.

Some users claim the side sniper buttons are a bit awkwardly positioned. If you have big hands, you’ll find little complex to reach out to these buttons.

The true standout feature of this mouse is its True Move 3 optical sensor that gives exceptional accuracy, control, and responsiveness along with 12000 DPI ability.

Moreover, you get your mouse tweaked or customized through SteelSeries software called Engine 3. This software is being utilized to manage all SteelSeries devices.

Besides, Angular snapping will be a unique term you’ll find in the software.

Honestly, it’s a bit technical.

But if you are not interested in technical mumbo jumbo of this thing, let me tell you it helps you to do perfect and accurate headshot in the game with the sharpest and quickest moves.

Technically, it helps to remove the human error while accelerating and aiming the mouse in the game. Likewise, it helps beginners to make their aim spot on.

To summarize, SteelSeries has tried to cast this gadget for incredible accuracy, splendid responsiveness, and lightest weight.

  • The built quality is solid

  • The mouse awards unmatchable accuracy through multiple unique features.

  • The responsiveness of the mouse is super sharp

  • It offers an extremely low latency

  • The cable is not braided

  • Side buttons are slightly not well-positioned

Why should one buy this?

If you are a true admirer of perfect sniper shots and aiming; this mouse steels the show with its most premium optical sensor in the ambidextrous category. Besides, for fresh gamers who look for an easy-to-use mouse at a much cheaper price, this mouse is the right thing to buy.


Weight: 125gm | Mouse Type: Wireless, Ergonomic, MMO + FPS | USB Cable: Braided | DPI: 16000, Adjustable from 200 to the end | Warranty: 10 Million Clicks

This mouse intensifies the competition in a race to find the best gaming mouse under 50 dollars.  It’s an updated version of the UTechSmart Venus wired mouse which we have reviewed above.

Interestingly, the features like DPI and RGB settings, optical sensor version and performances are pretty identical in both mice. So, I am not going into whole lot bunch of praising compliments for this one.

Though this MMO mouse is an updated version, let stick to the updates and betterments it got, as it’s a “PRO” version.

The main distinction you can easily observe – it’s primarily a wireless mouse. However, the company intended to give you much flexibility; it also comes under your hands as a wired mouse through a Braided USB cable.

Furthermore, it arises with a USB dongle for wireless use that is common for all types of wireless mouse. This wireless receiver throws 2.4GHz of signals giving you uninterrupted and swift performance and spot-on precision even in intense gaming situations.

The battery is supposed to last long for 70 hours. But then, it doesn’t mention in manual whether it’s with RGB turned on or not. However, I can tell you, with RGB turned on, it sucks the battery juice like a parasite. So, your battery just performs roughly 40 to 50 hours max as it’s heavily setup with RGB.

Giving you an extended range of usability, Venus Pro performs with perfection even with a distance of 10meters from your system. So, when you love to play on projector screens while sitting back to your couch, this best MMO mouse is an ultimate flexible thing to have fun with.

This mouse has been with a USB Drive to access its software. But as like me, if you feel weird to a plug-in random USB drive to your expensive systems, try to locate its drivers through the internet.

  • It carries all the goodies of excellent accuracy and sensitivity

  • Gives you an extended range of use

  • Dual-mode of usage is a nice thing

  • Caters every type of grip style

  • The RGB setup is impressive

  • The battery doesn’t last long enough

Why should one buy this?

With the existence of Corsair Harpoon and Razer Mamba, it’s the best budget wireless gaming mouse for your choice. This Venus Pro serves you the dual purpose of MMO and FPS gaming with cool RGB setup and sporty design n looks. The performance and accuracy are still not less than a virtue here.


Corsair M65 Elite RGB Gaming Mouse, 18000 DPI – Best Light Weight and Sturdy Mouse

 [amazon box=” B01D63UU52” template=”vertical” float=”right”]

Weight: 102g | Mouse Type: Wired, Ergonomic, FPS | DPI: 18000, Adjustable | Additional Weights: 18gm (6gm X 3) | Number of Buttons: 8

Now things are getting super aggressive here as you can see this mouse is touching an 18000 DPI mark. Definitely, playing with an 18000 sensitivity level would be an insane idea, and no one usually does this. Conversely, it’s a sort of pride to have an upper version of 16k DPI.

So, again come to the word “Aggressive.” This M65 Elite RGB Corsair gadget is an updated version of old M65 and M65 Pro. This time, it has gotten a bigger size, more powerful and spot-on precision, and most of all, it’s the best 50 dollar gaming mouse for lightweight and sturdy materials.

Anyways, are you fed up with all plastic stuff? Like its previous version, this Elite variant also holds a rough rubberized plastic outer body with Matte finish and the frame support of aluminum.

With such build quality, the graph of durability, rough use, and long life beat many other big names.

This mouse reaches in bigger shape and size, giving an extravagance for fingertip and claw grip users. For the palm users who have been given big hands by nature, may find it small to a very some extent.

But wait! Big body and size, still short for big palm grip hands?

The overall width and height are somewhat broader and high, so it gives better support for your thumb and ring finger. Yet, the height gets a sharp decline that makes it short for palm users with bigger hands.

Nonetheless, it comes with 5 glider pads for easy maneuverability and acceleration. So, it finely covers the short length of this mouse and furnishes strain-free usability.

Coming to the Sensor side, it has been seen this Elite version has got a much improved PMW 3392 sensor that doesn’t give any lag, hiccups, and spin-outs. As the DPI is 18k, the sensor manages this level of sensitivity with great control.

The big sniper button remains the same in this model. Factually, this button is a bit stiff, and you have to apply some little pressure to press it down.

This scenario creates both negative and positive usage aspects.

Actually, for me, it’s not a lack or thumbs down like a situation that it’s a bit stiff, and it needs to pressure to get press down. Yet, if you are that type of gamer who admire softer buttons, this may disappoint you an inch.

Moreover, on a good note, the stiffness saves you from accidentally pressing this button during the gaming session. Thus protects you from the unfortunate and uncalculated kill in games like CSGO, PUBG, and other FPS games.

Another major update you’ll see, this Elite M65 mouse has gotten its weight reduced around 20gm. The previous PRO version was used to weight around 120gm without additional weights.

For this mouse, you experience a 102gm of without weights.

The additional weights of 18gm (3 X 6gm each) raise its total weight to 120gm. Therefore, if you are in search of some best lightweight gaming mouse, this mouse would leave a sweet impression on you.

Apart from these updates, the mouse is wired, having a high quality thin braided cable with a length of 1.8 meters. The RGB setup is the most charming one, and you also get RGB in DPI buttons to indicate the level of DPI.

  • The mouse is sturdy and robust.

  • The sniper button is big and entirely comes under your thumb

  • The sensor is one of the most advanced ones in the market

  • It’s much flexible on weights.

  • Overall Build quality and performance is above premium

  • The side buttons are not correctly positioned.

Why should one buy this?

With a strong portfolio of outstanding performance, robust frame, and most versatile DPI settings, this Corsair M65 Elite mouse is surely an apple of cheeks of many gamers. Within the most limited budget, it’s paramount of perfection and wisest option to buy.


Weight: 114gm | Mouse Type: Ergonomic, Wired, MMO | Additional Weight: 8 (2.6gm each) | DPI: 12400, Adjustable by 100 and from 100 to 12400 | Sensor: Laser, PMW 3327

So far, and until now, you have seen UtechSmart dominating the Best budget MMO gaming mouse category. Now, the competition is just heated up with this Redragon M908 Impact MMO mouse with whopping 19 buttons and 12400 DPI.

It directly arrives head-to-head in the ring with UtechSmart Venus MMO mouse.

Meanwhile, it carries 12 customizable buttons on its left side. As a matter of fact, these MMO buttons are better designed. Curious to know how?

These buttons are slightly curved so you can accurately shift your thumbs for better controls. Many high-tech mice lack this design, and users usually demand such an approach.

As a limited budget or affordable MMO gaming mouse, this is such little thing to observe, but it puts a tremendous positive impact on your performance.

Furthermore, this is a LASER sensor mouse with 5 adjustable DPI settings. As it doesn’t carry the optical sensor, still, it renders the lowest liftoff feature with as low as 1 DVD. Undoubtedly, you won’t notice any significant performance difference between this and an optical mouse.

Now consider big hands with palm grip style; this MMO mouse is a perfect solution for such a case. Technically, it’s a bit big size gadget having the dimension of 4.8L X 1.65H X 3.62W inches. The most extended support at both sides for your fingers and decent length effectively caters to the big handers with Palm grip.

The 908 Impact MMO mouse displays the PMW 3327 sensor that does an accurate cursor precision without any lag and glitches. Moreover, you can adjust the sensor settings through Redragon peripherals software that is readily available on the Official Site.

The build quality is decent, but when it comes to front click buttons, you may experience a squeaky situation. The mouse produces somewhat weird sound while clicking.

Yet, it that not much noisy and having headphones on your ears, you won’t even notice such sounds

The RGB setup is great, and you can enjoy as much as 7 delightful RGB patterns according to your choice. In addition to this, the scroll button also cherishes the RGB spectrum instead of the static color scheme.

  • The side button design is intelligent

  • Furnishes a charming RGB setup

  • It has the lowest liftoff ability

  • It caters from medium to large hand with palm grip

  • The extended side support gives a relaxing feel to your hands even during the longest sessions

  • The primary button click buttons are squeaky.

Why should one buy this?

Specifically, if you are looking for something with a tight pocket that will be a suitable option for your relatively big hands, the Redragon M908 Impact mouse is the best pick. Whereas, the smartly designed MMO buttons make a difference.

The Bottom Line: 

So, these were some market leaders that get briefed down with their positives and negative points. Which is the best gaming mouse under 50 dollars among them? It’s difficult to say and pick!

Yet, looking at the most standout features, build quality and top-notch performance, Corsair is an ultimate winner and best gaming mouse. Due to its sturdy Aluminum frame body, crispy crunchy precision, and competitive price, it’s the best choice to consider.

On the Other hand, The UtechSmart Venus Pro takes the 2nd spot for its versatile features, one of the best RGB setup and most competitive prices in the MMO category.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is better wired or wireless mouse for gaming?

The usual preference is the Wired Option. The Wired Mouse gives better performance and minimal Lagging and other glitches. Whereas, with the advancement of gaming gears, better and better wireless mice options are coming in the market.

Is a wired mouse faster than wireless?

It’s not a hard-and-fast rule. Things become decisive based on specifications. By the way, the general perception is wired mouse relative or slightly acts fast than a wireless mouse. And to the practical notion, wired mice are way ahead.

Should I buy a wired or wireless mouse?

It entirely depends on one’s choice, preference, and experience. As said before, the market is experiencing a technological revolution so you can find every type of gaming gadget for your needs.

Do pros use wireless mice?

It already mentioned, the key is the preference. Some big gamers prefer wired mice while some opt wireless devices.

How do I connect a wireless mouse without a USB receiver?

Some mice give you a built-in Bluetooth option through which you can connect them with your system, but it’s not a reliable option. Bluetooth is the slow mean of signal transfer so that you may find a slow response rate, lagging, and such other issues.

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